Re.sil.ience (n)

MOVE 2030: Mendocino Opportunities for Building a Vibrant Economy

Our Vision

By 2030, Mendocino County will have a more resilient economy created through partnerships among private sector, government, nonprofits and the community. Working together they will ensure a sustainable, ecologically sound and diverse industry base is created to provide a healthy economy that benefits all.

Three essential components of fostering
inclusive and sustainable economic growth

MOVE 2030 Explore


what is currently shaping
the economy of the region

what skills are needed
to drive a new economy

what assets can expand to make
Mendocino County more resilient
Move 2030 Create


a roadmap for the next decade
to ensure Mendocino County’s
economic resiliency

a strategic economic framework
of activities and effort

stories of resiliency in the face
of a changing world
Move 2030 Invest


community-wide existing initiatives
with potential to advance
economic outcomes

economic growth to become
a more resilient community

revitalization of
communities of color


Economic Development

Fostering a range of business types that diversify the local tax base, keep our local economy strong, and celebrate our unique community fabric.

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